Weekly training recap: 4/30/12

This has been a rough week training-wise. I’ll explain towards the end of the post.

Mon: Rest.

Tues: Lake Merritt plus Oakland hills. This was the same route I ran the week before, only this time, I didn’t quit halfway through! I also discovered that my Garmin’s altitude readings are kinda wonky, so I’m not really trusting those stats anymore.
Stats: 6.53 miles/ 1:10:34/ 10:49 pace

Wed: Rest.

Thurs: Lake Merritt plus hill repeats. There is a road off of the Lake that has a slight incline. It’s just steep enough where I get fatigued by the time I sprint to the top, so I figure that’s a good start. I did 4 repeats. I felt like I could’ve done more, but wanted to save my legs for the 2 miles I still had to run back to my apartment. Turned out to be a good idea — my legs were pretty tired by the end of the run.
Stats: 4.32 miles/ 45:33/ 10:32 pace

Fri: Rest.

Sat: I went out for 10 miles/3 laps around the Lake, but ended up coming back after 1 lap. I was NOT feeling it at all. My legs were heavy from the start and I never got into a good rhythm. Sometimes I feel sluggish at the beginning of a run, but by mile 3 I usually start feeling better. This did not happen on Saturday. Plus, I had been reading about signs of overtraining, which include:

  • Heavy legs (check)
  • Increased pulse rate (maybe; didn’t measure)
  • Sleep problems (nope)
  • Diminished sex drive (TMI!!)
  • Fear of training/trouble motivating yourself to get out the door (check)
  • Sore muscles (check)

So instead of pressing on like a good soldier, I decided to quit while I was only 2 blocks from my apartment. I also decided to take the next 3 days off from running. As I walked in the door, the Gypsy Runner was surprised that I had done my 9-10 mile run in such a short amount of time. (Ha, I wish!) Then I told him I quit after one lap after feeling the symptoms of overtraining. He revealed that he already had the sense that I should’ve taken a rest day instead of going for a run. Ah, the Gypsy Runner… so wise! Oh well, I’m glad I listened to my body. My legs are already feeling 10x better.
Stats: 3.81 miles/ 40:20/ 10:35 pace

Sun: P90X Ab Ripper.

WEEKLY TOTAL: 14.66 miles.
How I feel about it: Well, obviously I don’t feel great about being on the cusp of overtraining, but I’m glad I caught it when I did. C+


Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

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