Running Tangents

Weekly training recap: 5/7/12


Took it easy this week after experiencing symptoms of overtraining the week before.

Mon: Rest.

Tues: Once around Lake Merritt at a moderate pace. Wasn’t my best run, but it was so much better than the run on Saturday that I was grateful for it.
Stats: 3.6 miles @ 9:41/mile

Wed: Rest. But I did bike 2-3 miles and lug my bike up and down BART steps. Does that count? 😉

Thurs: Pre-race gentle run. Short lap around Lake Merritt.
Stats: 3.0 miles @ 10:08/mile

Fri: Rest.

Sat: Cinderella 10K. Took a tumble. A few scrapes and bruises and felt a twinge in my left ankle, but no serious injuries at first glance. Since the race, I’ve had heel pain/tenderness in my left foot that has not gone away… which, after a bit of internet research, makes me think I might have plantar fasciitis. UGH. So I’ve been resting since Saturday, and I’ll probably hold off tomorrow’s run until Wednesday. I wasn’t planning on running too much this week anyway, with the Tilden Tough Ten approaching on Sunday (5/20).
Stats: 6.3 miles @ 13:20/mile

Sun: Rest. Lots of post-race indulging at a 4 year old’s birthday party and a mother’s day celebration with the Gypsy Runner’s family. 🙂

WEEKLY TOTAL: 12.9 miles.
How I feel about it: The gentle, short runs were good. And despite the humbling experience at the Cinderella 10K and possible injury, I’d say it was a decent week. B.