Weekly training recap: 12/10/12 (Oakland Half Week 1?)

I’m baaaack! I took a week off after CIM and this was my first week back in training mode. I gave my foot plenty of time to get over the tendonitis and treated myself to not one, but TWO, massage therapy appointments (one was a sports massage and the other was with new ART/neurokinetic therapist that I will blog about soon).

Technically, last week was the beginning of another training cycle: the 2013 Oakland Half Marathon. Only 14 weeks until I seriously attempt to smash the sub-2:00 goal that’s been on my brain for months (and that I came SO close to in Healdsburg). I have the endurance base, so my main goals are to increase strength and speed. However, I have to remind myself that I just ran a marathon 2 weeks ago, and it would behoove me (psychologically and physically) to give myself more rest. Not to mention that holiday festivities are very difficult to balance with rigorous training. I don’t want to squander my fitness base, though, so I’m hoping to maintain 15-20 miles per week until I get my speed back.

Mon: Rest.

Tues: First run post-CIM! It was a slow one considering my effort level, but it felt good to be running again.
Stats: 3.75 miles @ 10:29/mile

Wed: Rest.

Thurs: Tried to push it a little harder and add some fartlek intervals, but still ended up with a middling pace. I definitely don’t have speed back yet.
Stats: 5 miles @ 10:00/mile

Fri: Rest.

Sat: Running attempt #1: woke up early to run Jingle Bell Hell, but my stomach was not cooperating. Attempt #2: was about to head out the door, when the cold rain started. Ended up doing a P90X leg workout instead.
Stats: 45 minutes strength training

Sun: Ran at Lake Chabot with the Gypsy Runner. (Well, technically, we went there together, but ran separately.) The route was Ten Hills trail which is, as you might guess, really hilly. I was originally going to run about 4.3 miles, but cut it short since it was very intense elevation-wise. Also, it was getting dark, though at least this time I remembered to bring a flash light with me.
Stats: 3.34 miles @ 11:32/mile (570′ elevation gain).

WEEKLY TOTAL: 12.1 miles + 45 min cross training
How I feel about it: OK for a first week back. B-.


Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

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9 comments on “Weekly training recap: 12/10/12 (Oakland Half Week 1?)
  1. Dominick S. says:

    Welcome back! Hopefully you have an easier time doing long runs than I have! Still kind of exhausted so make sure to be easy on yourself but not too easy or else you will end up like me and only hitting about 15 miles per week!

  2. bt says:

    Impressive that you tried hills on your first week back. I’m definitely avoiding them in fear right now. I’m excited to see how you do at the Oakland Half — you have such a great fitness base now!

    • Jen says:

      Thanks bt! I wasn’t looking forward to the hills, but I figured that since I didn’t get my long run in this weekend, I better make up for it in elevation. 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    I just came across your Jingle Bell Hell on another blog. How sad that you didn’t get to run, but it looks like you got donuts, and really, I think that is a winning situation! And even though you feel like your going too slow, it took me about twice as long to get to the point you’re at (and apparently I’m almost 10 years younger :)), so I’m jealous of your quick recovery.

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