Double Post! Weekly Training Recap: 12/17/12 & 2012 Year in Review

I’m about to go on my 2nd annual week-long holiday break from the internets, so you’re getting 2 posts in one today! This also means that I won’t be posting the recap for the Brazen NYE 5K until after the new year. I know what you’re thinking: “How will I be able to wait until January 2nd to find out what happened??” Ha. I think you’ll survive somehow. 🙂

Part I: Weekly Recap

Mon: Rest.

Tues: Didn’t have time to run in the morning, so had to settle for the treadmill after work. It’s not so bad when I can do intervals. My workout:
– 1 mile w/u @ 10:30
– 4x progressive 0.5 mile intervals @ 8:57, 8:49, 8:41, 8:34 pace with 0.25 rest intervals between @~10:15/mile.
– 0.25 cool down @ 10:00/mile

I felt pretty good overall. It wasn’t the speediest workout, but I was pleased with being able to finally run faster than 10:00 min/mile.

Stats: 4.25 miles @ 9:45/mile

Wed: Rest.

Thurs: Took it easy. It was cold! Well, cold by California standards — 41 degrees. I wore a headscarf (a.k.a., my CIM gaiter).
Stats: 4 miles @ 10:30/mile

Not the most attractive, but it kept me warm.

Not the most attractive, but it kept me warm.

Fri & Sat: Rest.

Random, gratuitous photo of carnitas tacos from our local taco truck. Only $1.25 each! They are amazing.

Random, gratuitous photo of carnitas tacos from our local taco truck. Only $1.25 each! They are amazing.

Sun: This was the second weekend in a row where I had the intention of going on a long run, but failed. Since it’s been raining, I had to scratch off the 10 mile run that I had wanted to do. I was optimistic that I could do 7 slow miles on the treadmill, but alas, I could not. I stopped after only 3 — it seemed like an eternity!! Hoping to go on a longer run tomorrow, when this storm will finally be gone.
Stats: 3 miles @ 10:54/mile

WEEKLY TOTAL: 11.25 miles + 0 min cross training
How I feel about it: Pretty sad week. D-


Part II: 2012 Year in Review

There’s one more week left in 2012, so these numbers aren’t final yet, but I thought it would be neat to do a quick summary of my year in running. Even without seeing the numbers, I can tell you for a fact that this is the most I’ve ever run in my whole life. At the beginning of 2012, I only knew for sure that I would run one half marathon. I had no idea that I’d end up running 2 more half marathons AND a full marathon too!

Without further ado, the numbers (UPDATED! 1/1/13):
Miles: 818 830
Races: 15 16
Miles raced: 142 145
PRs: I ran personal bests in every race category this year. Woot!
– 5K – 26:25 @ LMJS 4th Sunday Race (May); faster than pre-2012 PR by ~3 min 30 sec
– 10K – 56:49 @ LMJS 4th Sunday Race (September); faster than pre-2012 PR by ~5 min
– Half – 2:00:37 @ Healdsburg Half Marathon (October); faster than pre-2012 PR by ~9 min
– Marathon – 4:32:39 @ California International Marathon (December); automatic 1st race PR 🙂

Oakland Half: Such a great experience. This is the race that got me hooked on running!
Healdsburg Half: A big PR on my birthday. A winning combo!
California International Marathon: My first marathon. What an epic experience – one that I will never forget.
– Starting this blog in April. It’s been a great outlet for me, saving my non-runner friends from having to listen to me blabber on about all things running-related.

Low points:
Spraining my thumb after falling at the Cinderella 10K.
Lake Chabot Trail Challenge: Definitely my toughest race to date, both physically and mentally.
– Dealing with minor but persistent injuries in my ankle, hip, and feet.

It’s been a really fun and amazing year. I wish you all a happy holiday season! See you in 2013!!


Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

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7 comments on “Double Post! Weekly Training Recap: 12/17/12 & 2012 Year in Review
  1. Dominick S. says:

    Happy Holidays and New Year to you as well! That is a pretty full year of awesomeness…looking forward to seeing 2013! It looks like we both need to get our milage up a bit!

    • Jen says:

      Thanks Dominick! Happy holidays to you too!
      As for mileage — this is way far beyond what I’ve done in previous years, so I’m very satisfied with it. But, I’m definitely eager to see how many miles I can rack up in 2013.

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