Running Goals 2013

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Ah, yes, the post that every running blogger must write: Goals for the Upcoming Year. Now, I’m not one for making resolutions, mostly because the kind of resolutions I make tend to be ambiguous with no actual game plan towards success. Goals, though, are something I can get behind. Also, you can work towards goals and be partially successful, whereas resolutions feel like pass/fail items on a to-do list. Maybe it’s just a matter of semantics. As the kids (used to) say: “Whatevs.” Here’s my list of goals for 2013, some concrete, some less so:

1. Run a sub-2 half marathon. I just *know* that this is within my grasp, since I was just 38 seconds shy of it in October in Healdsburg. Oakland, which I’m running in March, is a more forgiving course elevation-wise, but I’ll have to make the most of the 50 million turns (i.e., run tangents!) so that I don’t run long like I did last year.

2. Run a trail 30K. I ran 2 trail half marathons in 2012, and I think it’s time to step up my game. However, with only one road marathon under my belt, I’m a little scared of running 26.2 on trails, so 30K seems like a friendly distance. Any recommendations for a good 30K in the Bay Area?

3. Run marathon #2. I want to register for the Marine Corp Marathon (MCM). However, since it sold out in less than 3 hours last year, CIM is my back-up choice.

4. Volunteer at a race (or a few races). The Gypsy Runner and I have only volunteered once, but it was a blast. Plus, we got free t-shirts and a free entry to another Brazen race. Win-win.

5. Have a more focused race schedule. Running 16 races in 2012 was fun, but it was also a little too hectic (and pricey). Though, to be fair, 4 of those races were LMJS races — totally low-key, local, and cheap. Anyway, my goal is to have a more balanced race schedule and to only do races with a purpose, whether it’s to meet a specific goal or to run it with a friend.

6. Run more miles than I did in 2012. I ran 830 (update: 850) miles last year, and I’d be happy if I could run 831 851 in 2013. But I’d be even happier if I could run 1000 miles — a nicely rounded, completely random, and generally impressive (to me) number.

7. Come up with a more concrete strengthening and cross-training plan and stick with it. I know — this one is veering on a resolution, so bear with me. I’m still entertaining thoughts re: what I should do and how often I should do them.

8. Roll and stretch before and after every run. Even if it’s only for 1-2 minutes. I’ve only been doing this for a week, but it seems to be helping with my ankle stiffness and hip issues. Also: massage (roll, tennis ball) for 10-15 minutes 3x a week.

9. Get to the bottom of this ankle issue. Again, another ambiguous goal, but one that I’m very invested in resolving.

10. Blog goal: get back to reviewing gear. I meant to write shoe reviews back in the summer after the post on minimalist running, but have completely forgotten about it! Oops! Look for reviews this year on shoes, water bottles, fuel, and much more!


Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

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18 comments on “Running Goals 2013
  1. bt says:

    That’s an impressive list! If you do 5/10, you get an A+ in my book

  2. Dominick S. says:

    All very achievable! 30k on a trail sounds like fun! Let me know if you find something!

  3. Cathryn says:

    They’re resolutions 🙂 And they’re good ones. I particularly like number one 🙂

  4. Lindsay says:

    Awesome goals. Good luck!

  5. James says:

    I ran my first trail marathon in July, the Golden Gate Trail Run series. It was awesome! My second total marathon. It was very challenging, but doable. They also have a 50K. I highly suggest it!

  6. Mike says:

    Sounds like a very practical, achievable set of goals… I’d say you have a strong year ahead of you. And I predict #1 gets checked off early (assuming all your halfs aren’t Brazen trail races). Maybe we should each resolve to remind the other when MCM registration opens on March 27?

    Seeing your list, I assume Tim’s 2013 resolution is to try to keep up with you? I wish him luck!

  7. Amy says:

    You’ve got some exciting goals on your list! Can’t wait to see your trail race and marathon recaps (however far into the year they may be), and we can have a big internet party WHEN you go sub-2!

    And I still say whatevs, mostly because when I say, “whatever” I sound way too much like Cher from Clueless.

    • Jen says:

      Oh good, glad I’m not the only one still saying “whatevs.” 🙂

      Thanks for the happy thoughts. I wish us both a great year of running ahead!

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