Weekly training recap: SF2HM Week 2

*SF2HM = San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon

Sorry this is being posted 4 days later than usual, but we hosted a small gathering on Sunday, and then the whole Boston thing happened on Monday… so, I’m just now crawling out from all of that. Here’s what happened last week:

Mon: Rest, except for planks.

Tues: Easy run around the Lake. Goal was to run for 1 hour.
Stats: 5.7 miles @ 10:27/mile + 30 min stretching/rolling + planks.

Wed: 60 min core, PT exercises, stretching, rolling.

Thurs: Back to 800m intervals! Warm-up 1 mile, 6 x 800m with 400m recovery, cool-down for the remainder. Splits: 3:58, 4:19 (stopped a couple of times for traffic, etc.), 4:12, 4:16, 4:10, 4:17.

I was slightly disappointed with my splits at first, since I was aiming for ~4:00, but then I looked at my last set of 800 and realized that I ran about the same. So at least I’m not getting slower! Also, intervals around the lake are much harder than the track, so there’s that to consider.
Stats: 6.2 miles @ 9:45/mile + 30 min stretching/rolling + planks.

Fri: 90 min indoor rock climbing + planks! Getting better with my footwork/technique. V0’s are getting easier and I’m feeling more comfortable on the wall. Progress!

Sat: My goal: a 10 mile progression run with 3 miles @ 20% slower than race pace (10:48), 3 miles @ 10% slower than race pace (9:54), 3 miles @ less than 5% slower than race pace (9:16 or faster), 1 mile cool down.

Actual: 4 miles at +20% (10:52, 10:40, 10:37, 10:37), 3 miles at +10% (10:01, 9:53, 9:53), 2 miles “faster” (9:31, 9:21), 1 mile cool down. Those faster miles at the end were really tough, especially running into a slight headwind. Even though I didn’t get to the +5% target, I’m still pretty happy with the run. It definitely felt more productive than my usual long runs, where I either run slowly or at the same speed the whole time. I probably should be more careful to run the +20% miles even slower next time.

I rewarded myself by eating my weight in Dungeness crab at a local high school fundraiser.


With our crab eating bibs on, ready to chow down!

Stats: 10 miles @ 10:11/mile + 30 min stretching/rolling

Sun: Thought about running some stairs, but didn’t have time. Did my planks though!

WEEKLY TOTAL: 22 miles + ~4 hours climbing/PT/stretching + 6 days of planks
How I felt about it: Pretty solid running week, except for the fact that I didn’t do any hill work. Also happy that I did planks 6 out of 7 days this week. B.



Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

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2 comments on “Weekly training recap: SF2HM Week 2
  1. Cathryn says:

    Love the bib photo!

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