Weekly training recap: SF2HM Week 3

*SF2HM = San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon

Mon: REST.

Tues: I like to plan easy runs for Tuesdays, because for whatever reason, I consistently have the worst runs on Tuesdays. I can think of several reasons for this: I usually have trouble going to sleep on Monday nights (random, I know), so I wake up very tired on Tuesday; my weekend eating/drinking catches up with me by Tuesday and my GI tract hates me for it (sorry if TMI!); and with Monday’s rest day, my legs need waking up on Tuesday. I expected this Tuesday to be even worse, with all of the emotional energy I spent over the Boston bombings. To my surprise, my “easy” effort resulted in a much faster pace than usual (10:10 vs. ~10:30). Once I got out to the Lake, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and that made me feel more energized, I think. Either that, or I’m just getting faster — not mutually exclusive possibilities.
Stats: 5.9 miles @ 10:10/mile + 30 min stretching/rolling.

Drowning my sorrows/refueling with a Funfetti cupcake!

Drowning my sorrows/refueling with a Funfetti cupcake!

Wed: 60 min core, PT exercises, stretching, rolling.

Thurs: When I went to bed Wednesday night, I pondered what kind of speed workout to do. I was deciding between 400m intervals or mile repeats. I was leaning towards 400m intervals because mile repeats kinda intimidate me. However, I knew that at this stage of training, mile repeats would be better for me in terms of building both endurance and speed. To get over my irrational fear of holding half-marathon race pace (9:00) for 4 miles, I decided to do a progression tempo run with goal paces of 9:30, 9:10, 8:50, and 8:30, with a mile cool-down before and after.

My actual splits: 1 mile warm-up (10:14), 4 miles (9:26, 9:03, 8:58 – oops, 8:31), 1 mile cool-down (10:39). Except for that 3rd mile, I hit all of my target paces, which was pretty sweet. This was a fun workout too (relatively), and one that I’ll probably put in the regular rotation.
Stats: 6 miles @ 9:28/mile + 30 min stretching/rolling.

Fri: Unplanned rest day.

Sat: Had talked about going for a long run with the Gypsy Runner at Lake Chabot, but due to Friday night’s festivities (a little too much fun at ladies’ night/slumber party), I was definitely not in any shape to run. It was a good reminder of why I don’t usually have more than 2 drinks… and why I won’t for a long time to come. (Related: I’m a lightweight.)

I did manage to pull myself together to do some exercises at home and also go for a long walk to get frozen yogurt. It was such a beautiful day, I would’ve hated to miss out on it!
Stats: 60 min core, PT exercises, stretching, rolling. (Also 3 miles of walking, which I’m not officially counting since a portion of that time was spent eating frozen yogurt!)

Sun: It was time to run hills, since I didn’t do any last week. Due to time restraints, I decided to go back to Redwood Regional and re-do the bike loop that I attempted 2 weeks ago. Today’s run started off a lot better, but the hill up West Ridge totally killed me again. Like last time, my heart rate was through the roof for 1-2 miles afterwards. I kept reminding myself, “The hills pay the bills!”
Stats: 8.3 miles @ 11:53/mile (1160′ elevation gain) + 30 min stretching/rolling.

Canyon Trail at Redwood Regional -- one of my favorite parts of today's run.

Canyon Trail at Redwood Regional — one of my favorite parts of today’s run.


Part of the climb up West Ridge Trail. Photos don’t do this incline justice — it was hella steep!

WEEKLY TOTAL: 20.2 miles + ~3.5 hours PT/stretching + 5 days of planks
How I felt about it: 3/3 quality runs this week, but points off for only 5/7 plank days and no significant cross-training. B-

Did I mention that the weather’s been beautiful lately? Here are a couple of random snapshots I took while in Golden Gate Park today:

The Conservatory of Flowers.

The Conservatory of Flowers.

Lots of people w

Gardens in front of the Conservatory. Note that the group of adults standing included 2 men wearing capes and one woman dressed as a princess. Only in SF??



Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

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12 comments on “Weekly training recap: SF2HM Week 3
  1. Dominick S. says:

    8.3 miles with 1160 elevation gain…HOLY SHNITZEL! That is some intense climbing. I have two days a year where I have a mental lapse and pass my booze limit, its never fun.

    • Jen says:

      No, it isn’t fun at all. Not only did I feel bad, but it seemed like such a waste of a day. Lesson learned! (famous last words)
      How was Ragnar? Hope you’ll be posting a recap soon!

  2. Cathryn says:

    Lovely trail photos! And wow for the climbing, you should def do Woodside with me in August!! Those hills are brutal!!! Almost as brutal as hangovers after the age of 30!

    • Jen says:

      Haha. I’ll take the climb any day! At least the pain is over as soon as I reach the top. 😉
      When is Woodside? I’m running the Skirt n Dirt 25K on 8/31. It’s got something like 3000 feet elevation gain! I’ll be happy just to finish that one. My friends and I are talking about doing the Inside Trail Reservoir Dogs race in mid-July — it’s taking place at Briones Reservoir, my most favorite trails ever. Interested?

  3. KrisLawrence says:

    I agree, mile repeats are very intimidating. I always do them on the road because the idea of running four times around a track is overwhelming. Silly but half of it is mental right?

    So glad you had fun Friday night! I’m a huge light-weight too. Light-weights unite 😉

    • Jen says:

      Haha, glad that I’m not the only lightweight who is intimidated by mile repeats! Though your repeats are probably almost 2x as fast as mine — super scary!! 😉

  4. BT says:

    Looks like a solid week! I may be able to cheer you on at close to the finish in SFHM2 because I’ll already be near the end to cheer on F.

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