A quick update

I wish I could report that my return to running last week was all unicorns and rainbows…alas, it was not.  Here’s what I did last week, exercise-wise:

Tuesday: Ran 3 miles at Lake Chabot.
Wed: Swam 1000 yds.
Thurs: Ran 3 miles at Lake Chabot.
Fri: Biked 12 miles on the stationary bike. Strength exercises.
Sat: Ran/walked 7 miles, then walked 3 miles.

Doesn’t look too bad, does it?  Actually, I felt really good through Friday’s workout, especially during my strength exercises.  I didn’t have any substantial pain or lingering aches due to either of my 3-milers and no “hot spots” screamed out at me while I foam-rolled, lacrosse balled, etc.  I headed into Saturday’s long run extremely optimistic.

The training plan I was sorta following called for a 9 mile run on Saturday, which I knew would be tough coming off of zero running base, even without injury.  So I aimed for 6 miles of run/walk (5 min run: 1 min walk), and figured anything beyond that would be bonus.  The good news is that I made it to 6 miles without significant issues.  I could feel my right hip tightening up, but I stopped often to stretch it, which seemed to settle it down temporarily.  Between 6-7 miles, the pain in my right hip intensified quickly, to the point where I decided it would be foolish for me to keep running on it.  I had another 1.5 miles back to the car, but then I came upon what I thought was a shortcut… which turned out to be a dead-end, adding another 1.5 miles to my trek.  Blargh.

I felt really annoyed/mad/frustrated about my right hip.  However, considering that I walked another 3 miles after I stopped running, and that I was able to walk without limping or in severe pain makes me just slightly optimistic that perhaps if I continue to ramp up slower (and not be stupid), and keep doing my strength exercises, that I may just eventually get back to “normal” (i.e., running without pain).  I think I need to be a lot more patient than I have been so far.

As for the San Francisco 1st Half Marathon, this past week has completely changed my strategy.  Now my goal will be just to finish, even if that means I end up walking a majority of it.  The website says the cut-off is 3 hours, but I can’t tell if that means 3 hours from chip time or from when the last wave starts.  I’ll have a 30 minute head-start on the last wave, so hopefully that means I’ll have 3.5 hours to finish?  I looked up last year’s results and there were a lot of runners who finished after 3 hours, so it sounds like 3 hours won’t be the hard cut-off.

Since I’ll probably be walking a lot at SF1HM, the next 3 weeks will be comprised of getting into good walking shape.  On Saturday, my walk breaks were all around 18:00/mile.  I’d like to get that down to ~15:00/mile.  Mixed in with very short periods of jogging (I’m thinking 2-3 min jogging to 1 min fast walking), I can hopefully still maintain an OK pace without getting into the pain zone.

I hope everyone had a relaxing a fun holiday weekend!  Mine was very chill.  On Saturday, I headed to Pigeon Point Lighthouse, where Cathryn and her family had booked a bunkhouse at the youth hostel.  They graciously invited me to stay with them for one night, along with 2 other families (I went solo as the Gypsy Runner was away at a guys’ weekend).  It was a gorgeous and neat place, and I had lots of fun hanging out and getting to know some new people.  Thanks Cathryn!

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Brrrr!  It was 80 degrees and sunny inland, and about 20 degrees cooler (and windy and cloudy) at the coast!  (Photo courtesy of Cathryn)

Brrrr! It was 80 degrees and sunny inland, and about 20 degrees cooler (and windy and cloudy) at the coast!  Crazy California “summers”!   (Photo courtesy of Cathryn)



Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

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12 comments on “A quick update
  1. Cathryn says:

    It was fab to have you with us over the weekend…isn’t it nice to be warm again 🙂

    Gutted about the hip not co-operating. Keeping hanging in there.

  2. Emma says:

    That sucks 😦 I’d be looking for a second opinion at this point! Way too long to be dealing with pain.

    • Jen says:

      That’s a good idea. Unfortunately my health insurance sucks, but if this doesn’t get better, I’ll definitely be looking into a 2nd opinion.

  3. Jan says:

    Sorry about your hip. 😦 I agree maybe a second opinion is in order? You’ve been dealing w/ this a long time.

    • Jen says:

      Yeah, I’m definitely considering getting a 2nd opinion. It’s just so hard to find the right specialist! And expensive! Especially when my health insurance sucks. 😦

  4. Dominick S. says:

    The coldest winter I ever had was a summer in San Francisco…I think that is Mark Twain and it cracks me up whenever someone complains about the Bay Area in the middle of summer. Anyway, WHAT THE F man, get that injury under wraps already and stop ramping up too quick, AND HOW ABOUT SOME REST DAYS WHEN YOU ARE COMING OFF ZERO WEEKS! Sweet Jesus you’re frustrating…and stubborn. HEAL UP. I am glad you are pondering just walking SF because if its the same course as the Rock N Roll, STUNNING, just don’t push too hard, I want these injuries to go away for you stat.

    • Jen says:

      OK OK STOP YELLING AT ME!! I am unfortunately very stubborn, there’s nothing you or I can do about it. I’m planning on doing all of my run/walks on a treadmill from now until SF, so I can stop whenever I feel the slightest onset of pain. Is that OK, Dr. Santos?

  5. Dominick S. says:

    Meh, it’ll have to do.

  6. MILF Runner says:

    I’ve missed too much :(. I am so sorry you’re ailing 😦

    I’ll do long hikes with you! We did a crazy killer 7+ the other day and a 9+ on Wednesday. Today was 6. I’m down with being a walk buddy or crosstraining buddy 🙂

    Glad you’ve had some good travels though. And looking forward to possibly driving you all…crazy…in Napa 🙂

  7. […] my plan of tackling the San Francisco 1st Half Marathon (SF1HM) with run/walk intervals in mind, I decided to do all of my runs this past week on the treadmill.  That way, I could stop […]

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