Running Goals: 2014 & 2015

This is a 2-for-1 post, wherein I look back on my 2014 running goals and evaluate how far I have (or haven’t) come, as well as look forward to what I hope to accomplish in 2015.  First, a review of my 2014 Running Goals, in no particular order:

1. Run at least one road race sans Garmin (or with it completely covered).  I did this successfully one time, at the Foster City 10-miler, where I covered the “pace” display on my Garmin with a piece of electrical tape. It went pretty well, if I do say so myself.  I tried to do it again at Kaiser, but the rain caused the electrical tape to fall off.
Verdict: goal accomplished!

2. Run a timed mile every month.  I did this for 4 months, and then I got injured.  Whomp whomp.
Verdict: goal incomplete.

3. Explore 4 new trail systems or parks.  This year, I explored: Huckleberry, Sibley, San Bruno Mountain, Ramage Peak, Big Basin, Anthony Chabot, Crystal Springs, and probably a couple of others that I’m not remembering right now.
Verdict: goal accomplished!

4. Run long on trails.  My aim was to do at least 12 long trail runs (12 miles or longer) in 2014.  Looking back on my Garmin Connect data, it appears that I only went on a 12+ mile trail run 4 times in 2014.  I did try to get out on the trail at least once a week, so that’s something?
Verdict: goal incomplete.

5. Set a course record at a trail race.  I took about 5 months off from “real” trail running, so this did not happen.
Verdict: goal incomplete.

6. Volunteer at a race.  I volunteered once this year at Brazen’s Summer Breeze.
Verdict: goal accomplished!

7. Cross-train once a week.  Hahahaha.  I was pretty good while recovering from my ambiguous hip/glute injury, but otherwise, no.
Verdict: goal incomplete.

8. Run a negative or even split at half marathon distance or longer.  I did this at Kaiser!
Verdict: goal accomplished!

9. Spend less time reading running blogs and articles online.  I did this, but only towards the end of the year when a new job and schedule forced me to re-prioritize.
Verdict: goal accomplished, sort of.

Total: 5/9 goals accomplished.  Considering that I probably would’ve completed at least 2 of these goals if I hadn’t gotten injured, I’m going to call 2014 a moderately successful year. #goalinflation 😉


Looking ahead to 2015, I have one major goal, and that is to train for and complete my first 50K.  This big goal comes with a bunch of supporting goals, which include:

  • increasing the number of run days from 4 to 5 per week, with at least one run per week on trails.
  • increasing my base mileage to 30-35 miles per week by the time I start my training plan in March/April.
  • continuing to prioritize sleep over time-wasters (I’ve been good about this in the past year or so).
  • improving my diet by cutting sugar and fried foods, and being smarter/more disciplined about choices when eating out (e.g., opting for lean protein & veggies; avoiding sugar, sodium, and dairy when possible).
  • introducing a core/strengthening routine that is simple and short, to be done 3x a week.
  • using the 50K as a way to raise funds for a local charity. Maybe it’s just me, but thinking about all of the time I’ll spend training for a 50K seems pretty selfish.  However, if I know that I’m also raising money to benefit others, then that not only increases my justification, but also my motivation.  I’ve already decided on the charity, but I still need to get in contact with them to make it official.  One question I have is regarding fundraising/charity websites — if you’ve had experience with a fundraising website, good or bad, could you leave a comment below with the website, whether there were any fees, and any thoughts about your experience?

So, which 50K have I selected to be my first (and perhaps only) ultramarathon? (Drum roll, please…)
The Big Basin 50K, which will be held on Sunday, July 26, 2015.  If this race sounds familiar to you, it might be because I DNS’ed (did not start) the Big Basin Marathon last June.  That was one reason I chose Big Basin for my first 50K – so that I could have a nice bookend to the story.  (Well, hopefully it will be a nice bookend and not a sad one!)  Also factoring into my decision: it’s local, it’s point to point (I hate running multiple loops of the same course), there’s plenty of time to base build and train, it’s affordable (especially with my 50% credit from the Big Basin Marathon DNS), and I love running in the redwoods.  The fact that it’s smack dab in the middle of summer is a little bit concerning, especially since it was freakishly hot last year.  Hopefully, we’ll be blessed with cool summer fog by then.

And because no blog post should be so text-heavy, here’s a random photo from this past week:

My very fluffy cats, in full stare-down mode.

My very fluffy cats, in full stare-down mode.

Happy New Year everyone!


Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

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10 comments on “Running Goals: 2014 & 2015
  1. I’ve started training for an ultra twice & have been sidelined by an injury both times. I’m hoping 2015 will be the year I run my first ultra, too.
    Good luck!!

  2. dlubi says:

    Great post! Excellent goals! I fundraised for my ironman attempts using Crowdrise. It is really easy to use, and they are very upfront about how much money they keep per transaction (& allow donors to see that amount as they make the donation I think). From what I saw, all sites charge some transaction fees for collecting / distributing the money. The only way around this is if the charity you choose has an established charity runner program on their website already (son have this so I would check with the charity directly first).

    Crowdrise is really easy because you just set up your own page, choose the charity you want to support, and you just send the link to all your potential supporters. Crowdrise then sends the charity a check every week or so as your fundraiser continues.

    Good luck & let me know if there is anything I can do to help! Maybe you can get race raves to set up a charity runner component too? Can’t wait to hear all about your training & fundraising!

  3. Cathryn says:

    Great choice on Big Basin. I’m doing the half-marathon the day before so we’ll camp there and stay to cheer you on/crew you/pace you/feed you at the end. So excited for you.

    • Jen says:

      Woot! I was hoping to camp there too, but it turns out that it’s pretty hard to get to the start or finish from the campsite. I don’t think I’m allowed to have pacers, unfortunately. 😦

      • Cathryn says:

        Oh that’s a pain ref the campsite. Let’s investigate. Okay, I’ll just cheer if I can’t pace.

        • Jen says:

          So from what I can tell, you can take Highway 9 from the campsite to the start and to various points along the first part of the course. Then it kinda leaves the major road and goes toward the sea more directly. The course map isn’t too good, so it’s hard to tell!

  4. Happy New Year! That looks like a great 50k! Most of the charity running I’ve done has been specifically with a charity program and uses their site. Check with whatever your potential charity is to see if it’s an option. After that I know crowdrise is pretty popular. Good luck!

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