Me vs. the Sidewalk

CIM training starts tomorrow! As an example of the kind of nerd I am, I wasn’t that excited until I set up my training plan spreadsheet. Filling in each box and envisioning the runs filled me with anticipation instead of dread – good news!

I did my best to savor this last week of unofficial training. Because I did my long run on Monday, which is usually a rest day, my schedule got a little screwed up. This is how my week played out, running-wise:

  • Tuesday: rest
  • Wednesday: alternating easy/marathon pace miles to get my body used to running stamina paces
  • Thursday: meant to do an early run, but scrubbed it because I was too tired to get up
  • Friday: I only had to work a half day, so I tried to take advantage of the free afternoon to go run at Lake Chabot. It was one of the worst runs I’ve had in ages, mostly due to the fact that I drank a whole can of La Croix sparkling water before the run. Holy crap. I felt like I had a sparkling water baby in my belly! I was super uncomfortable, and I will never, ever do that again.
  • Saturday: The best part about a crappy run is that the next one is almost sure to be better. Saturday’s run was indeed, pretty splendid, an easy run that ended up being a slight progression run without me trying.

And so, we come to the Sunday long run. With some tips from Layla, I headed out to the Iron Horse Trail from San Ramon. I’ve run the IHT several times; it sounds somewhat exotic, but it’s actually quite boring. However, it’s also nearly 30-miles long and mostly flat, so it’s pretty ideal for long runs. Anyway, I must’ve zoned out completely because I ended up tripping on a piece of uneven sidewalk. I totally ate it, scraping up my right knee, left knee, and the back of my right hand. A passing cyclist stopped and kindly gave me a wet nap to clean up, while apologizing for not having her normal hiking pack with her that contained a first aid kit. Her sympathy and kindness went a long way. Thanks, nice stranger lady!

I’m a pretty clumsy person who tends to get bruises all of the time without knowing how I got them. But the scrape on my right knee was pretty epic. It’s about 2 inches in diameter and was non-stop bleeding. I also scratched up my Garmin pretty badly. I was only 3.5 miles into my run and thought about turning around, but I decided to jog for a little while and see how my leg felt. Surprisingly, it was fine. It hurt more after I stopped, actually. So, I decided to soldier on, garnering strange looks from passing runners and cyclists on the IHT. I managed to finish 14 miles, as planned, and felt pretty strong.


Be glad that the bottom photo is out of focus

My knee is going to take a while to heal, but at least it’s superficial. I’m thankful that I didn’t hurt myself worse during my fall. It was a good reminder to pay closer attention while I’m running and also to pick up my feet!


Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

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16 comments on “Me vs. the Sidewalk
  1. Oh no, hope your knee heals quickly and without scarring. I totally get checking to see if you can still run and then finishing the run despite a bloody knee. I’ve done that twice.

    • Jen says:

      Oh good, glad I’m not the only one! It actually felt better yesterday. Today, it’s all stiff and tender.

      • I have a scar on one knee. It took two years before it stopped looking awful (it felt fine). I’m the slowest healer. My doctor actually asked me if someone helped push me when she saw that knee. I laughed and assured her that I was the sole reason and cause for the fall.

        • Grace says:

          Omg, I have tremendous scars on both knees – one time was a bike accident in high school, coming down a hill and making a sharp turn (into a main road…could’ve gone much, much worse) and the other time was me. Running. And tripping over my own feet. My mom used to joke that no one would want to marry me, my legs were so mosquito-bitten and bruised and scratched. How’s the knee today? Probably going to be stiff and itchy for a while…

          • Jen says:

            Haha, gotta love those Asian moms! I have a scar on my left knee from ACL reconstruction 15 years ago. It took about 7-8 years to look OK/not red and bumpy. The currently-scraped (right) knee is *finally* scabbing over. Not itchy yet – something to look forward to! Both knees are still pretty bruised and slightly swollen.

  2. Hillary says:

    Yowch!!!! I’ve been lucky enough to avoid that kind of injury, but one time I totally bit it and somehow tucked into a somersault and popped back up, leaves all over me looking like a crazy person. Highlight of my career, now that I think about it. Sending healing vibes!

    • Jen says:

      Ha! I managed to do something like that a few months ago. I was doing some up-tempo running on gravel and decided to do a sharp 180 degree turn. I promptly lost my footing and went down, but I kinda rolled and got back up without any incident (minus the embarrassment of eating it in front of the park ranger).

      • Hillary says:

        I bet that park ranger has seen way more embarrassing things than a professionally-executed run roll 🙂

        • Jen says:

          Heh, good point. He was concerned that I tripped over a bump where an irrigation pipe was running under the path. Apparently, there had been complaints. I think he was relieved to see that I fell completely on my own accord, about 2 feet from the bump.

  3. Layla says:

    Oh no, you were near me and I didn’t even realize it! I would have happily brought you wet cloths and some leftover prescription ointment! I would say to let me next time, but I really really hope there is no next time. Kudos for getting through the 14 miles!

    • Jen says:

      Oh, that’s so sweet of you! I thought about calling you and K *before* the run, but I didn’t really get my act together in time. I hope there won’t be a next time either! (FYI – the sneaky sidewalk is on the south side of the Norris Canyon intersection.)

  4. bt says:

    Glad you’re okay. I’ve got a dark scar from a similar injury a few years back. In hindsight, I should have been sure to cover it with sunscreen on all runs for several months afterwards to minimize the scaring.

  5. Angela says:

    OOF! I totally did this once in GG Park 3.5 miles into a 20 mile run. I also got lucky that a passing stranger offered me some wet wipes, & was surprised to find that running didn’t hurt as bad as I feared it might. (Mostly I think I just grossed people out for the remaining 16.5 miles, running around with blood streaming down my legs…..)

    Hope it heals up soon!

    • Jen says:

      Wow, sounds like we had almost the same experience (trip and fall at 3.5 miles, stranger with wet wipe, grossed out looks from bystanders)! It didn’t hurt (and hasn’t hurt much) while running, but stuff that requires a lot more knee bending, like taking the stairs, has been pretty uncomfortable.

  6. […] Rest. Killed it. I ended up taking the day off from work because my little date with the sidewalk last Sunday caused me to not sleep well (due to pain in both knees). Then I realized I couldn’t fathom […]

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