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Hi there! I only just realized the other day that I haven’t posted anything in almost a month. Oops. Well, I’m still alive, in case any of you were wondering, and I’m still struggling to find any kind of running rhythm. Just when I manage to hit a 20 mile week, I end up with an unintentionally too-short trail run or ski-related issues. And in less than 12 hours, I’ll be running a tough trail half marathon. I am not prepared.

So the last few weeks have been inconsistent, running-wise. But they have been fun at least. I managed to do one decent, longish trail run (8.3 miles) three weeks ago at Redwood Regional Park. Two weeks ago, I joined a bunch of great ladies for a sad event: a farewell trail run to Cathryn and Layla at Mt. Tam. We managed to get 16 women together (amazing), but we also ran into some terrible weather. For the first time in my Bay Area running life, I wore too few clothes. I figured that I’d warm up with the big climbs, but the rain and wind had other ideas. Plus, we got lost and kept stopping constantly. During those breaks, I got chilled. So, when the opportunity arose to take a shortcut back to the car and head to brunch (or continue wandering around, trying to find the right trailhead), I jumped at it. That meant my 10 miler ended up being less than 6. Oh well. I definitely don’t regret the brunch and extra quality time spent with Cathryn and Layla.


Layla has mad selfie skills

Last weekend, I went skiing with my colleagues. Coming out of several years of bad drought, it was amazing to see so much snow in the Sierras once again. I haven’t skied in more than 3 years, and I was definitely a bit rusty. Just as I was hitting my groove, I took a small fall and hit my head against the slope. Fortunately, I seem to be OK despite not wearing a helmet (PSA: wear a helmet! Ski patrol Jeff told me that an airlift costs $38K.) I had planned on running Sunday, but decided to take an extra rest day just in case I had a mild concussion- better safe than sorry.

IMG_0256 2

I rented a helmet after my little incident.

So now it’s the night before the Badger Cove – my second race of the year. I had been looking forward to exploring some new trails at Del Valle Park in Livermore. Unfortunately, due to the rains, Del Valle had been closed to the public until recently, and the rangers didn’t have enough time to prepare the park for hundreds of runners. So, we got an email from Brazen earlier this week announcing that the race was moving to Wildcat Canyon. This was one of my favorite courses, and I had planned on running it in May (when Brazen usually holds the race). So, it’s kind of a bummer because it messes up my plan to run the Brazen Ultra Series – unless I want to run Wildcat twice, which I highly doubt. The good news is that the weather should be quite good, and at least the race is still on. Plus, I’ll get to see DD and hopefully we’ll run a decent chunk of the race together. My goal is to enjoy the day and not be too sore to pace the Livermore Half the next weekend. If all goes well, maybe I’ll beat my previous time of 2:46.


Wildcat Canyon in 2015. I expect that the hills will be greener tomorrow.

Anyway, time for bed. Hopefully it won’t be another month until you hear from me again. 🙂


Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

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