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Race preview: Summer Breeze 10K

This Saturday, I’m running Brazen’s Summer Breeze 10K at the San Leandro Marina. The course looks to be flat and fast, with the only obstacles being: (A) other runners (it’s a very popular race!), (B) headwind, a common occurrence while

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The Decision

Thanks everyone for your feedback/thoughts on whether I should run the Western Pacific 10K on Saturday. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I decided to take my ankle out for a test jog this morning. I was very optimistic that

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I did it!

I finished! 4:32:40 unofficially. Not faster than Oprah, but did she have to deal with high winds and torrential rain? I think not. Congrats to Cathryn who won the contest and accurately predicted a time of 4:32!

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The number

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Originally posted on poor scientist. will blog 4 food.:
Two weeks back and I’m finally getting around to posting about my trip to Taiwan. I took hundreds of photos, so I went through and selected the ones I thought were most…

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Originally posted on poor scientist. will blog 4 food.:
Quick hello from Taipei. It’s hot here. We’ve been eating a lot of good food. Haven’t gone out for a run yet, but we hiked the other day at Yangmingshan National Park…

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New blog name?

What do you think of the name “running tangents”? Tangents refer to the shortest distance you can run in a race while still running the official course length. For instance, on an S-curve, if you ran the inside of the

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Hi there! I feel like I’m taking this new blog out for a test drive. Sort of exciting and scary at the same time. I’m trying out the theme/layout to see if I like it. My current feeling is undecided.

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Howdy! Welcome to my blog!

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