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Marine Corps Marathon Week 11

There were 50 miles on tap for this week. 50 miles!! I have to admit to being overwhelmed and a bit scared when I first saw three 50-mile weeks on the schedule. Not only was the total mileage daunting, but

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Marine Corps Marathon Week 3

Week 3 finished = 1/6 of marathon training is complete! I’m mostly still in the base-building phase of training… but it’s about to get REAL y’all (i.e., 13 mile long run next week) and even more real in 4 weeks

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Weekly training recap: SF2HM Week 2

*SF2HM = San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon Sorry this is being posted 4 days later than usual, but we hosted a small gathering on Sunday, and then the whole Boston thing happened on Monday… so, I’m just now crawling out

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Weekly training recap: 3/4/13

Mon: REST. Tues: The plan was for 5 easy miles. Not only did I come up short, but I felt tired and sluggish. I guess the back-to-back runs the weekend before (especially the trail run at Briones Reservoir on Sunday)

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Weekly training recap: 2/11/13

Happy President’s Day weekend everyone! You know what’s better than a 3-day weekend? Not realizing it was a 3-day weekend until the Friday before. I’m excited to get an extra day to sleep in, relax, and take care of errands

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