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Alameda Holiday Kick Off 5K

It seems that my racing motto this year is, “Under promise (and under train) and over deliver”. In the past, my racing and training philosophy very much overlapped with my personal and professional m.o.’s: set a goal and go after

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Race Recap: Alameda Half Marathon 2017

I’ve been putting off writing this recap because it wasn’t a goal race for me, so it’s not like I had any goals or expectations. Then why did I sign up? Because a friend (KH) texted me, saying,  “I just

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Oakland Marathon Week 7! (race week)

Hi there! I’m happy to report that I’ve survived yet another marathon.  The post-race marathon waddle has set in, with a lot of soreness and achiness in my hips.  My calves were the only muscles that really despised being foam-rolled

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Weekly training recap: CIM Week 3

Two themes this week: 1. “You gotta start somewhere.” I feel like I’ve been repeating this to myself over and over again. I don’t know why I keep thinking that I will be awesome/super fast/super strong all of the time.

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Weekly training recap: 7/2/12

Mon: Rest. Tues: Was going to drive up to the Piedmont High Track, but opted to do intervals around the Lake instead. 3x800m with 400m rest. Wanted to do 4, but 3 is a start! Stats: 3 miles @ 9:30/mile 400m

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