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Glass Half Full

Some runners get really depressed when they can’t run.  I admit that I got a little blue at the prospect of taking a little break from my favorite means of acquiring endorphins.  However, there have been some good things that

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Cross training and Hip Update

Hi there!  First, I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post re: “Are marathons bad for your health?” So many insightful comments and valid points! So, what have I been up to?  Well, as promised, I did

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Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Last week, I was full of complaints about aching hips.  I’m sorry to say that the saga continues.  Here’s what happened this week in the Land of Angry Hips: Monday: Running rest day #2!  I did get myself to yoga

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Weekly training recap: 1/7/13

Mon: Rest. Tues: Last treadmill workout at my sister’s gym in Maryland, and first “speed” workout in a long, long time. Here are the details: – 1 mile warm-up @ 10:30 – 3 miles ramping up to HM pace: 9:30,

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Double weekly training recap: 12/24-12/31/12

I realized that I never recapped the last week of December, so you get 2 weekly recaps today. Woot! Week of 12/24/12 Mon: Christmas Eve jog. Purposely took it super easy and slow. Stats: 4.1 miles @ 11:13/mile Tues: Rest.

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Weekly training recap: 12/10/12 (Oakland Half Week 1?)

I’m baaaack! I took a week off after CIM and this was my first week back in training mode. I gave my foot plenty of time to get over the tendonitis and treated myself to not one, but TWO, massage

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Training Cycle Recap: 2012 California International Marathon

Before moving on to non-marathon related stuff, I thought I’d summarize the training I did for CIM. Being that it was my first marathon, I learned A LOT about what worked and what didn’t. I wanted to document this, not

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Weekly training recap: CIM Week 16 (Taper Week 1)

This week was a little funky because I ended up resting on both Monday and Tuesday. Mon: Rest. My foot and hip were still bothering me from the 20-miler on Sunday, but I could tell it was the kind of

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Weekly training recap: CIM Week 14

Before I start the recap, here’s a photo from last week’s Lake Chabot half marathon: Mon: Rest. Tues: The Gypsy Runner convinced me to rest instead of going for my usual Tuesday morning run. By the afternoon, however, my soreness

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Weekly training recap: CIM Week 13 + Lake Chabot Trail Run Recap

Mon: Rest. Tues: 6 tempo miles on the calendar, but since my foot was still bugging me, I kept it to 6 miles at medium effort. It was an OK run pace-wise, but I felt kinda blah. Maybe it was

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