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Two weeks

Just checking in with a quick training update, before I head into another work-induced black hole (this time, it’s a conference that I helped to organize). As part of 5K training, I’ve been doing speedwork regularly. The nice thing about

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A short post brought to you by this morning’s workout and also by procrastination, i.e., Day 5 of “I’ll do my taxes… tomorrow!” I’ve been running plenty of hills in preparation for the Big Sur International Marathon, so I thought

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Kaiser Half – T minus 7 days! (Week 6)

Hey guys – guess what?  Race day is in less than 7 days!! Here’s what happened this past week: Tues: Speed endurance + stairs (TAKE ONE). Workout: warm-up, 6 x 1 mile @ 8:50 with 60 seconds rest, 5 x

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Everything in Moderation (Kaiser Week 2)

Well, it seems that I got a little too excited about training and bit off more than I could chew this week. (I blame Mick Jagger and his sweet dance moves.)  Let’s just say intense running + Christmas overindulgence =

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Weekly training recap: SF2HM Week 10

*SF2HM = San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon T minus 7 days ’til race day! Mon: Rest. Tues: Met up with DD for a conversational/easy run around the Lake. Stats: 5.2 miles @ 10:25/mile + 30 min stretching/rolling Wed: 7.6 miles

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Weekly training recap: SF2HM Week 3

*SF2HM = San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon Mon: REST. Tues: I like to plan easy runs for Tuesdays, because for whatever reason, I consistently have the worst runs on Tuesdays. I can think of several reasons for this: I usually

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Weekly training recap: 2/18/13 & BONUS Mini Race Recap!

Mon: President’s Day! The Gypsy Runner and I went rock climbing. As if that wasn’t enough of an upper body workout, I decided to go to yoga too, which turned out to be pretty intense. Stats: 2 hours cross-training (rock

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Weekly training recap: 2/4/13

Before I start, I want to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! I cooked a big meal for the Gypsy Runner and I, consisting of a few auspicious dishes: sticky rice cakes and steamed fish. I also made mushrooms

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Weekly training recap: 4/23/12

With a new 10K PR in hand, my next goal is to train for 3 trail races (10K, 10 miler, and half marathon — eek!)… meaning more emphasis on mileage and hills and less on short interval speed training. Mon:

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