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Race Recap: Wildcat Half Marathon

Why I wanted to run this race: I had a Brazen race credit after volunteering their Bay Breeze event in February, and I’ve always wanted to run the Brazen Wildcat race. Despite the fact that Wildcat Canyon Park is just

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Race Recap: Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon 2015

Why I wanted to run this race, goals, and strategy: Previously discussed here, but in summary: I wanted to race with friends.  More specifically, it was Cathryn‘s “birthday race”. (You can read her recap here, and bt’s here.) Time goal:

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Race Recap: Brazen Summit Rock Half Marathon

For whatever reason, I haven’t really felt like recapping this race.  I think it’s because there’s not that much to say – it was a tough race but I had fun and did the best I could.  End of story. 

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Race Recap: 2013 Marine Corps Marathon

For those of you who want to cut to the chase, here’s the 30-second mini-recap: Race day weather for the 38th running of the Marine Corps Marathon was perfect and everything leading up to the race went smoothly.  The first

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Race Recap: Zoom Point Pinole Half Marathon

This past Saturday, I ran the Zoom Point Pinole Half Marathon in Richmond, CA. I signed up with the intent of treating it as a tune-up/dress rehearsal for MCM. It was affordable, local, and relatively flat for a “trail” race

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Race Recap: Oakland Half Marathon 2013

Yesterday, I finished the Oakland Half Marathon. I’ll save you the suspense and tell you right away that: no, I did not get my sub-2 goal. I was nowhere close. In fact, this was probably the most poorly executed race

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CIM Photos!

The official marathon photos from CIM are up! The good news: I actually look like I’m running in all of them (i.e., one foot is off the ground at all times). I don’t look like death. I don’t look like

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Race Recap: Healdsburg Half Marathon

On Sunday, I ran the Healdsburg Half Marathon, organized by Events with Sole. (Not to be confused with this Healdsburg Half Marathon, organized by Destination Races.) Why I wanted to run this race: 1. Training for CIM. 2. My first

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Weekly training recap: 6/18/12

Mon: Rest. Tues: Slow jog; recovering from Woodminster. Stats: 3 miles @ 10:32/mile Speaking of Woodminster, here are some funny photos of me “running,” courtesy of East Bay Triple Crown: Wed: Rest. Thurs: Was going to do a track workout

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Tilden Tough Ten Recap Addendum: Pictures!

OK, remember when I said I probably looked dorky for the photographer? Well, I was wrong. My face looks relatively normal, but I look like I’m barely running at all. And then what am I doing with that extended leg

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