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Trying to Be Patient/Flexible (plus a race discount code!)

I wish I could say that I was 100% over my head cold, but alas, I’m not. Every time I feel like I’m getting better, I wake up feeling super lethargic and congested again. I’ve had a sinus headache for

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Still running…barely

It’s strange. I have a lot I want to write about, yet no desire to actually put my thoughts into words. Part of the hurdle for me is that I usually have a pretty good idea of the structure of

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The Most Random Post Ever!

Hi there! It’s been a while since I came to visit this little corner of the internet.  How is everyone doing?  I can’t believe I’ve been back in California for over a week — time flies when you’re having fun! 

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Odds & Ends (aka Pre-MCM Ramblings)

We leave tomorrow afternoon for the East Coast, which means I *should* be packing.  However, did you know that packing is one of my least favorite things in this whole world? It is the very definition of decision fatigue, especially

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“Training is a blessing.”

I knew I was speaking too soon when I said that the taper crazies hadn’t set in yet.  The last 48 hours have been a rollercoaster of emotion.  Here’s a recap: Tues morning: Sent out an email to my sister

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Marine Corps Marathon Week 3

Week 3 finished = 1/6 of marathon training is complete! I’m mostly still in the base-building phase of training… but it’s about to get REAL y’all (i.e., 13 mile long run next week) and even more real in 4 weeks

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A Few Thoughts on Boston

I debated whether to write this post. More than 30 hours after the first bomb exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, I’m still grappling with my emotions and attempting to give them the proper adjectives. I hesitate

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On Confidence

Two things happen to me, without fail, about two weeks before a big race: 1. I decide I really need to buckle down in terms of nutrition. This means cutting refined sugar, fried things, and alcohol, while increasing the intake

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Warning: random pre-race brain spewing ahead. A typical pre-race conversation between me and the Gypsy Runner: Me: So, we’re running a race tomorrow. GR: Yep. What are your thoughts? Me: Well, I was thinking that A, but then maybe B…

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Random Ramblings I

This was going to be a post dedicated to various running books, articles, and movies that I had read or seen lately, but I decided to add a few more things… until I realized that it’s completely random! I’ve titled

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