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Base Building, Training Plan, and Fundraising for the Big Basin 50K!

As I mentioned earlier this year, my big goal for 2015 is to run my first ultramarathon: the Big Basin 50K.  Even though the race seems far, far away, I’m starting my official 16-week training plan in early April –

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Race Recap: Oakland Half Marathon 2013

Yesterday, I finished the Oakland Half Marathon. I’ll save you the suspense and tell you right away that: no, I did not get my sub-2 goal. I was nowhere close. In fact, this was probably the most poorly executed race

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Weekly training recap: 3/11/13

Less than 7 days to go before the Oakland Half Marathon! Pretty much as soon as I wrote my last blog post about confidence, my pre-race anxiety dropped significantly. Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement! I’ve decided that

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Weekly training recap: 3/4/13

Mon: REST. Tues: The plan was for 5 easy miles. Not only did I come up short, but I felt tired and sluggish. I guess the back-to-back runs the weekend before (especially the trail run at Briones Reservoir on Sunday)

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Weekly training recap: 2/25/13 + my new favorite trail!

Mon: 30 min stretching/rolling. Tues: 5 easy miles around the lake. Stats: 5.2 miles @ 10:41/mile + 30 min stretching/rolling Wed: Had planned to go rock climbing, but my climbing partner canceled. I was feeling a twinge in my elbow,

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Weekly training recap: 2/18/13 & BONUS Mini Race Recap!

Mon: President’s Day! The Gypsy Runner and I went rock climbing. As if that wasn’t enough of an upper body workout, I decided to go to yoga too, which turned out to be pretty intense. Stats: 2 hours cross-training (rock

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Weekly training recap: 2/11/13

Happy President’s Day weekend everyone! You know what’s better than a 3-day weekend? Not realizing it was a 3-day weekend until the Friday before. I’m excited to get an extra day to sleep in, relax, and take care of errands

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Weekly training recap: 2/4/13

Before I start, I want to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! I cooked a big meal for the Gypsy Runner and I, consisting of a few auspicious dishes: sticky rice cakes and steamed fish. I also made mushrooms

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Weekly training recap: 1/28/13

Mon: 60 min strengthening/stretching/rolling. Tues: Every once in a while, I have a truly terrible run. Tuesday was one of those days. I had to go to the gym to change my billing information, thanks to some jerks who stole

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