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Big Basin 50K Week 13: Bringing It Home

Guess what? I’ve survived the bulk of 50K training and am officially in the taper zone. Even though I didn’t hit last week’s prescribed mileage of 50 miles, I did manage to run just shy of 46, including a hot

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Big Sur International Marathon – 1 week to go

Less than 7 days until the Big Sur International Marathon!  One nice thing about the timing of Big Sur is that it’s only 6 days after the Boston Marathon, so I’ve been channeling the excitement building around Boston towards Big

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Oakland Marathon Week 7! (race week)

Hi there! I’m happy to report that I’ve survived yet another marathon.  The post-race marathon waddle has set in, with a lot of soreness and achiness in my hips.  My calves were the only muscles that really despised being foam-rolled

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Marine Corps Marathon Week 17 (1 week out!)

Only 6 days to go until MCM!!! This past week was a real doozy – the race almost got canceled, I had many more servings of alcohol and sweets than intended (I blame it on my birthday and on the

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Weekly training recap: SF2HM Week 11 (aka Race Week!)

*SF2HM = San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon Mon: Rest. Tues: Easy 3 miles, walked for the remainder. Stats: 3.3 miles + 30 min stretching/rolling Wed: 30 min stretching/rolling Thurs: Similar to Tuesday, except that I added strides in mile 2.

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