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CIM Training Week 9 of 12: Peak Weeks, Here I Come!

My training plan from Greg McMillan’s You (Only Faster) is pretty traditional for the most part, but there are a few quirky things. For example, McMillan thinks the word “taper” is bad, because it denotes relaxation. Instead he prefers to

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CIM Training Week 6 of 12 + Some New Things I Like

Six weeks down, six more weeks to go! WOOT! Monday: Rest. Tuesday: 13 x (1 min on/1 min off). Nothing like fartleks to wake up dead legs. ~5.5 miles (this is when my Garmin’s GPS was still busted, so I’m

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Getting Up to Tempo

Sorry for the title, but I can’t resist a pun… Last week was my first week of training toward the Danville 10K. My plan is essentially the same structurally as what I did for the Bank of the West Oakland

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The Importance of Sleep

I know that the title is a no-brainer, and this isn’t going to be an elaborate post about the physiological effects of sleep deprivation. And those of you out there with young children know all too well how important sleep

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Marine Corps Marathon Week 17 (1 week out!)

Only 6 days to go until MCM!!! This past week was a real doozy – the race almost got canceled, I had many more servings of alcohol and sweets than intended (I blame it on my birthday and on the

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Weekly training recap: SF2HM Week 7

*SF2HM = San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon Mon: Rest. Tues: I decided it was time to add some minor elevation gains to my usually easy Tuesday morning run. I ran up Trestle Glen and did 3 hill repeats at the

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Weekly training recap: SF2HM Week 3

*SF2HM = San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon Mon: REST. Tues: I like to plan easy runs for Tuesdays, because for whatever reason, I consistently have the worst runs on Tuesdays. I can think of several reasons for this: I usually

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