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Where to Run: East Bay Edition

Cathryn came up with a great idea to have a series of “Where to Run Where I Live” guides for visitors, new transplants, and/or runners looking to explore new routes. Check out these editions that have already been posted: San

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Weekly training recap: CIM Week 1 (woot woot!)

I’m baaaaaaack!!! Did y’all miss me? I know, inquiring minds want to know: did I do any running while I was in Taiwan? The answer is: yes. I ran twice, about 1.5-2 miles each time and I was slow as

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Tilden Tough Ten Recap Addendum: Pictures!

OK, remember when I said I probably looked dorky for the photographer? Well, I was wrong. My face looks relatively normal, but I look like I’m barely running at all. And then what am I doing with that extended leg

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Race Recap: Tilden Tough Ten

You know it’s bad when you’re heading to the turnaround at a race and people are coming back with looks of frustration and exhaustion, saying things like, “There’s an issue at the turnaround,” and “There’s been a mistake,” and “Turnaround

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Weekly training recap: 4/23/12

With a new 10K PR in hand, my next goal is to train for 3 trail races (10K, 10 miler, and half marathon — eek!)… meaning more emphasis on mileage and hills and less on short interval speed training. Mon:

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