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Big Sur International Marathon – 1 week to go

Less than 7 days until the Big Sur International Marathon!  One nice thing about the timing of Big Sur is that it’s only 6 days after the Boston Marathon, so I’ve been channeling the excitement building around Boston towards Big

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What would it take?

(I realize that this is the second post in a row in which I’ve used a question as a title, a total cop-out, lazy thing to do, but then again, I never claimed to be the world’s most hard-working blogger!)

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Kaiser Half Week 7 – Race Week!

My goal for this mini-taper week was to cut down on the weekday mileage, but keep up the intensity.  Here’s how that went down: Tues: 2 x race pace miles (9:09) + stairs. Warm-up, followed by 2 miles at 9:01

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Honing In (Kaiser Week 3)

Hope 2014 is off to a great start for everyone! Here’s how my week went down: Mon: Yoga + easy biking. Got my butt out of bed for the 7:30 a.m. class.  I liked the instructor and the class was

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Weekly training recap: 6/18/12

Mon: Rest. Tues: Slow jog; recovering from Woodminster. Stats: 3 miles @ 10:32/mile Speaking of Woodminster, here are some funny photos of me “running,” courtesy of East Bay Triple Crown: Wed: Rest. Thurs: Was going to do a track workout

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