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As it turns out, signing up for a really expensive half marathon was enough to get me in my running shoes 4 times last week, for a total of 20.5 miles. There was some quality in those miles too: I

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A short post brought to you by this morning’s workout and also by procrastination, i.e., Day 5 of “I’ll do my taxes… tomorrow!” I’ve been running plenty of hills in preparation for the Big Sur International Marathon, so I thought

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Weekly training recap: 3/4/13

Mon: REST. Tues: The plan was for 5 easy miles. Not only did I come up short, but I felt tired and sluggish. I guess the back-to-back runs the weekend before (especially the trail run at Briones Reservoir on Sunday)

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Weekly training recap: 6/25/12

Mon: Went to scout out the Laney Track, as it’s only 1/2 mile away from my apartment. I couldn’t find any information about it online, though I did see somewhere that it was open from 8am-6pm. I came home from

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Weekly training recap: 6/18/12

Mon: Rest. Tues: Slow jog; recovering from Woodminster. Stats: 3 miles @ 10:32/mile Speaking of Woodminster, here are some funny photos of me “running,” courtesy of East Bay Triple Crown: Wed: Rest. Thurs: Was going to do a track workout

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