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Big Basin 50K Week 8: Over the Hump!

This past Sunday marked the end of Week 8 (out of 16) of Big Basin 50K training – which means less than 8 weeks left until race day! It’s hard to believe I’ll be running my first ultramarathon in less

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The Gambler

I got home from Lake Tahoe last Sunday early enough to get a decent long run in.  You might remember from my last post that I was determined to get back on the base building horse and knock out a

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The Most Random Post Ever!

Hi there! It’s been a while since I came to visit this little corner of the internet.  How is everyone doing?  I can’t believe I’ve been back in California for over a week — time flies when you’re having fun! 

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What do you look for in a running blog?

A couple of weeks ago, I fell into the rabbit hole also known as Get Off My Internets (GOMI).  For those who aren’t familiar, it’s snark-central for the entire blogosphere.  I forgot why I went there in the first place,

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Marathons on My Mind

Hey guys, guess what? I’m running 2 marathons in the next 11 weeks!  In 6 weeks, I’m running the Oakland Marathon and in 11 weeks, it’s the Big Sur International Marathon (BSIM).  I didn’t intentionally set out to run 2

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MCM Week 18, Training Recap, & Post-Race Recovery

Even though Week 18 of MCM training happened 3 whole weeks ago, I’m posting it anyway for the sake of completion.  Not to mention, I wanted to reflect on the training cycle as a whole, as well as make note

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Rekindling the Flame

After training 4 months for MCM (training recap coming soon!), I knew I would need some time off before my next training cycle.  Taking time off doesn’t necessarily mean being a sloth, however; it means approaching running without the pressure

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Marine Corps Marathon Week 16 (2 weeks out)

Week 1 of taper! Here’s how it went down (“planned” workout in green/“actual” in bold): Monday: Rest or cross-training/rest. I went to Trader Joe’s and bought lots of healthy-ish snacks, hoping to start taper on the right foot. Tues: 5/5.

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Marine Corps Marathon Week 15 (Peak Week!) + Mt. Diablo Mini-Recap

Before I start this week’s recap, I wanted to give a shout-out to Mike, who kicked butt at the Portland Marathon today. His finish time of 3:30:27 was just shy of his PR — impressive considering a mid-cycle injury that

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Marine Corps Marathon Week 14

I feel like I’ve entered an alternate reality where 50-mile weeks are the new normal and a 34-mile cutback weeks are no biggie. (For perspective, my highest mileage week for CIM was 34.4 miles and that was race week.) What

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