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There and Back Again

I went out of town last week for work – hence the lack of blog posting. Even though I’m entering my 8th week at my new job, I’m still considered quite a newbie and doing lots of training. Last week,

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An Experiment of One

As a scientist, I’ve always believed in the power of numbers, data, and statistics.  With running though, it’s impossible to make any solid conclusions based on any one individual’s stats.   To me, that’s both wonderful and extremely frustrating.  Wonderful in

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Clamshells & Gossip Girl

Last week, by the numbers: clamshells: 1400 donkey kicks: 700 bridge marches: 420 knee-to-chest single-leg bridges: 504 standing hip extensions: 420 “chair of death” squats: 240 single leg balances: at least 2-4 per day, per side miles ran/walked: 22.5 miles

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Gym Rat

With my plan of tackling the San Francisco 1st Half Marathon (SF1HM) with run/walk intervals in mind, I decided to do all of my runs this past week on the treadmill.  That way, I could stop whenever I felt any

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Weekly training recap: 1/7/13

Mon: Rest. Tues: Last treadmill workout at my sister’s gym in Maryland, and first “speed” workout in a long, long time. Here are the details: – 1 mile warm-up @ 10:30 – 3 miles ramping up to HM pace: 9:30,

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Double weekly training recap: 12/24-12/31/12

I realized that I never recapped the last week of December, so you get 2 weekly recaps today. Woot! Week of 12/24/12 Mon: Christmas Eve jog. Purposely took it super easy and slow. Stats: 4.1 miles @ 11:13/mile Tues: Rest.

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