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Marine Corps Marathon Week 6

Words cannot describe how happy and relieved I am to have survived this week. Thanks for all of your good wishes – both the job interview and 10K went well, though each was exhausting in its own way. I will

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Marine Corps Marathon Week 5

OK, so I realized in retrospect that I was a bit melodramatic last week. One thing I’ve forgotten about marathon training is that it can be an emotional roller coaster — one minute things look dire, but then before you

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Marine Corps Marathon Week 4

And just when everything was going so well… Well, folks, this was the week where at least one wheel fell off the proverbial wagon. Since I started running last year, my body hasn’t quite adapted to more than 1 session

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Marine Corps Marathon Week 3

Week 3 finished = 1/6 of marathon training is complete! I’m mostly still in the base-building phase of training… but it’s about to get REAL y’all (i.e., 13 mile long run next week) and even more real in 4 weeks

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MCM Week 2

Here’s all of the Marine Corps Marathon training-related activities I did last week (“planned” workout in green/“actual” in bold): Monday: Rest. (light biking) Tues: 3/3.1 Wed: 5/5.2. Everyone’s favorite speed workouts: FARTLEKS! Thurs: 3/3.1 Fri: Rest. (light walking) Sat: 5/6.25

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MCM Week 1 & 2013 Quarterly Recap #2

I’ve been thinking for a while that my weekly training recaps were getting a bit stale. What better time to change things up than at the start of a new training cycle? Basically, I’ll highlight 1-2 runs per week here

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