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Race Recap: Woodminster Cross Country Trail Race 2012

I’ve already covered some of the reasons why I wanted to run the Woodminster Cross Country Trail Race previously, so I won’t belabor the point. Going into the race, I just wanted to have a smooth run, not hurt myself,

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Weekly training recap: 6/11/12

Mon: Rest. Tues: Lake Merritt plus Oakland Hills. This felt pretty good, even though I ran into some chafing issues in the last few miles, which also really slowed me down. (Sorry about the TMI!!) Stats: 7 miles @ 10:59/mile

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To Woodminster or not to Woodminster…

I’m having a dilemma. Should I run the Woodminster Cross Country Race on June 17th or not? Here are the pros and cons: Pros: – Complete the East Bay Triple Crown series. This may be the one and only year

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