So you’re running a race next week?

The first month of 2018 is almost behind us. That means the Kaiser SF Half is next week! I feel like once I decided that Kaiser was no longer going to be my goal race, I stopped seriously training for it. Despite my best intentions, no midweek workouts got done. Whomp whomp. I did manage to have two pretty decent long runs – last Sunday and today. Before we get to that, though, here are the stats from the last two weeks:

Week of 1/15:

  • number of runs: 4
  • total miles: 19 (sad)
  • long run: 9.8 trail miles (with 2000′ elevation gain!)
  • non-running activities: none 😦

Week of 1/22:

  • number of runs: 5
  • total miles: 24.2
  • long run: 12 miles
  • non-running activities: 2.9 miles of faster pace walking (Friday)

So last week’s long run on trails was good in many ways — I got to spend a couple of hours with DD in the redwood forest, and it was an incredible workout. However, I could tell during the run that my muscles were already crying out for bloody murder. In fact, when we got back to the parking lot after 7.7 miles (that took us almost 2 freaking hours!), DD practically had to drag me out for another 2.3 to make it 10 miles for the day — something I had told her I wanted to do at the start of the run. We trudged along at 12 min/mile pace. I was glad we got more miles, but man were my legs beat! I haven’t been that sore/limped like that since after CIM 2016. It took me almost 4 days to get back to normal. My first run back on Tuesday was a slog, and Wednesday’s run was only slightly better.

Fortunately, by this morning’s long run, things had improved dramatically. I ran 12 flat miles along the Bay Trail, finishing with some faster-ish miles. I figured that if I want to run sub-10 minute miles next week at Kaiser, it might be good for me to practice physically and mentally. A little bit of self-induced “suffering” never hurts in terms of building grit. The last two miles (9:21, 9:07) felt TOUGH. Plus, it took me 2h3m to run 12 miles… which makes goal setting a little dubious next week. On the other hand, this was my longest run since December 3rd, and my biggest week since then as well. So hopefully after a little bit of rest this week, I should be feeling good?


Sunny, clear skies and 60 degrees in January. California living is good.

OK, so on to race day strategies. Honestly, I don’t have any concrete plans since Kaiser isn’t a goal race. And because I haven’t truly raced a half marathon in over a year, I think it might be fun to run Garmin-blind. I’ll switch my watch to time of day and just focus on staying present and running to my potential. I’ve run Kaiser 3 times previously, and my finishing times have been 1:58:51 (2014), 2:00:23 (2015), 2:05:13 (2017). I don’t think I’m in shape to finish under 2 hours or even beat 2:00:23, but I’d like to finish under last year’s time. Whatever happens, the good news is that there’s already bRUNch plans in place with good food, champagne, and fun friends. Cheers!


Howdy! My name is Jen and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to eat, run, and blog, but not usually at the same time.

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3 comments on “So you’re running a race next week?
  1. Cathryn says:

    I think running garmin-blind might be a great idea. Run as honestly as you can on the day and what the time is…it is! I’ll be so grumpy that day, not being with you guys! Hope you get decent weather.

  2. Angela says:

    Just enjoy it & let the mimosas pull you to the finish!!!

  3. You might surprise yourself running “blind”! Have fun!

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